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What is a safe way to stretch a tight foreskin?

Q: My 60 year old boyfriend is uncircumcised. When he retracts his foreskin it tears. He has very fair, delicate skin. His foreskin does not retract easily even when his penis is flaccid.

What can a man do to gradually stretch the foreskin so that it does not tear during intercourse?

A: The difficulty with retracting the foreskin is called “phimosis”, and it isn’t uncommon in uncircumcised men. It can have different causes, so it might not be a bad idea to go get looked at by a knowledgeable doctor to narrow things down. Most commonly, doctors will recommend treatment by circumcision or by a steroid cream. Some people also have success with simply manually stretching the foreskin–gently, evenly, and frequently. One tool made to help with the manual approach can be found here:

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